The South Pacific
is a beautiful area in the southern Pacific Ocean with many unique volcanic islands, coral atolls and limestone islands. The term South Pacific refers to Australasia and Oceania. The area of Australasia includes Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea, and many smaller islands in the vicinity, most of which are the eastern part of Indonesia. Oceania, a geographical region consists of numerous countries and territories, mostly islands in the southern Pacific Ocean.
Strictly taken it is the part of the Pacific Ocean area south of the equator bordered by Indonesia, New Guinea, Australia, New Zealand, the 60th south latitude, the west coast of South America and the equator. South of the 60° latitude it is called the Southern Ocean.
As a region, the South Pacific is filled with outstanding attractions. But each of the countries in the region has its own special and individual allure. These enchanting islands and beautiful people have for hundreds of years stirred the mind and excited the imagination.

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