New Zealand
, or Aotearoa as the indigenous Maoris know it by, is the most populated of the South Pacific Islands with over 4 million people - a mix of indigenous Maoris and European and Asian settlers. The islands enjoy a mild climate with four seasons and plenty of rain and sunshine. The far north is almost sub-tropical whilst the South Island has mountains with year-round snow and glaciers. The summer months between November and February are generally warm and is the height of the tourist season. About 2 million tourists visit the country each year.
Aotearoa is the land of every adventure, the home of thrill sports and breath-taking scenery. The great outdoors is revealed in not just a handful of spectacular, awe inspiring sights, but in a seemingly endless horizon of inspirational beauty from one side of the country to the other.
There are National Parks throughout the entire country with extremely well organised hiking trails and accommodation facilities. Thrill sports including white water rafting, bungee jumping and parapenting are touted as the great Kiwi experience. There's snow boarding and skiing, sailing, whale watching, unique bird life, hot air balloons, active geysers and mud pools, Maoris cultural sights, vineyards, numerous golf courses and to compliment it all, a fantastic range of accommodation from bed and breakfasts to some of the most elegant resorts in the world. And to ensure the complete tourist experience, Kiwi hospitality leaves a lasting impression on all who visit.
Vanuatu, known as New Hebrides under the joint British and French rule prior to 1980, is a collection of ten large islands and many smaller islands in the South West Pacific. The Melanesian inhabitants live an extremely traditional lifestyle evolving around fishing, planting and drinking kava.
Solomon Islands is an amazing collection of almost 1000 islands lying to the south of Papua New Guinea. over half of the islands remain uninhabited and many are in secluded groups far from the main centre of Guadalcanal Honiara is the capital, a cowboy town of drunks and high crime. Guadalcanal was a major battle zone during world war two and many wartime relics and historical points remain. The Solomon Islands boast some of the most spectacular scuba diving reefs in the world and are renowned for its abundance of soft corals and wreck diving.
The tourist infrastructure is very limited making exploring the many islands a time consuming and often challenging affair. However, the adventurous will be rewarded with some of the most spectacular sights in the South Pacific and an extremely traditional, and tribal culture.

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